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Customer Mailings, Automotive Traffic Builders, Mortgage & Reverse Mortgage Mailings, Sales Lead Generation (B2B & Consumer), Distributor Communications, Follow Up Letters, Confirm Appointments, Prospect Mailings, Publishing Offers, Product Announcements, Past Due Accounts, Public Relations, Newsletter Mailings, Fulfillment of Information, Subscription Offers, Research Studies, Customer Surveys, Trade Show Promotions, Seminar Marketing, Renewal Notices, Fund Raising, Catalog Requests, Refunds & Rebates, Credit Card Solicitations, Retail Traffic Building, Foreclosure Offers, Real Estate Marketing and many, many more.

6 x 9 Xpress Envelopes.  Available in Regular & Window.  7 Designs.  

6 x 9 rapid delivery urgent envelope example
6 x 9 rapid delivery urgent letter envelope example

Overnight delivery envelopes “look and feel”.  Your direct mail gets priority attention at First Class or Standard postage rates. 4 color graphics gets your direct mail noticed, opened and responded to.  


“We are happy with customer service!”  V. B., Integrated Medical, Clearwater, Florida

“Got client's attention.”  S.P., Preferred First Insurance, Clio, Michigan 

“We deliver directly to peoples door. They work great because people think they were delivered by UPS or FED X or other courier service and always open it.”  J.D., JD & Associates, Colorado Springs, Colorado 

“People open these envelopes. They always think that there is something life changing about opening them.” R.W., Exit Bayshore Realty, Tampa, Florida. 

“We consistently get a response rate of approximately 1%. The service from Xpress Envelopes is first class.”  G.F., Palm Beach Premier, Miami, Florida. 

“Customers seemed to hold onto information longer than a normal envelope.“  C.K., S.A.M. Corp, Columbus, Ohio  

9 x 12 Xpress Envelopes.  Improves Response Rates.  3 Designs.  

9 x 12 rapid delivery urgent letter envelope with rocket example
9 x 12 rapid delivery urgent envelope with jet plane example

Our large size designs use full color graphics that scream "open me first".  Practically guarantees your promotion will get opened, noticed and responded to!  Use for your most important mailings.  


“The response rate was higher using the envelopes.” G.K., Seacoast Savings, Kennebunk, Maine

“Love the ability to make each customer feel of importance in the most cost effective way.” M.W., MWSB, Olean, New York

“I believe that we have a 100% open rate for our mailings. Without your envelopes, I don't think that that would be possible.”  D.M., DTM P.A., Tampa, Florida

“I've found that the product works best after an initial "sift" of leads. It's a great two-step piece.”  B.T., MiMangano Group, Morley, Michigan 

“Higher response for my event.”  A.W., Chiropractic Advantage, San Jose, California 

Xpress Letter Service.

Full service direct mail production example

Send an important message fast! We can provide full service direct mail and mail your next campaign in one of our Xpress Envelopes. Super-fast turnaround and no production headaches. We'll beat any competitor's Priority envelope design or production price.  

Are you looking for Rush Priority, Urgent Letter, Special Delivery or Priority Express envelopes that "look & feel" like official overnight and next day envelopes?  You've come to the right place.  Our Xpress Envelopes and cost effective mailing services produce High Impact attention getting direct mail that delivers results! 

Our website is (and always will be) a work in progress. We’ll be adding more Xpress Envelopes, launching new Urgent Letter mail pieces and introducing new Xpress products.  Take some time to look over our online store but remember to check back often.  Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send an email.

Scott Palmer, Owner.

P.S. We'll beat any competitor's price on envelopes and production.  I guarantee it!