Xpress Envelopes

An envelope is NOT just an envelope. This is the first impression to your prospect. Your direct mail package needs to be different from others to cut thru the mailbox “clutter”. Promotional mail using Xpress Envelopes gets priority attention.  These compelling and innovative Express Envelopes can be mailed at first class or standard rates. Our unique Priority Envelopes will get your direct mail piece opened first!  

6 X 9 Xpress Envelopes. Regular.

6 x 9 rapid delivery urgent envelope example
6 x 9 rapid delivery urgent envelope address side example

Express Letter and Priority Mail “look and feel”.  USPS acceptance guaranteed!  Easy to meter and inkjet (unlike our competitors).  4 color graphics gets your direct mail noticed, opened and responded to.  

6 X 9 Xpress Envelopes. Window.

6 x 9 rapid delivery eagle design window example
6 x 9 rapid delivery urgent letter envelope address side example

Personalization improves response!  These distinctive envelopes are sure to get your prospects’ attention. Your promotional mail gets priority attention at First Class or Standard postage rates. 

9 X 12 Xpress Envelopes.

9 x 12 rapid delivery urgent letter envelope example
9 x 12 rush priority urgent letter envelope example

These large size envelopes create "mailbox dominance" which practically guarantees your promotion will get opened first.  Use for your most important mailings.  

Users report response rates jump by up to 100% when their mail is delivered in our unique and eye-catching envelopes. Can be shipped to you in bulk or XpressEnvelopes.com can provide compete direct mail production.  6 x 9 Xpress Envelopes available with window or without.