Direct Mail FAQ

* What formats can I mail using Xpress Envelopes?                               

We offer three response busting formats.  The 6” x 9” Window format with the address and indicia showing thru. Or, use a 6” x 9” or 9” x 12” Regular (no window) that has the address and indicia inkjetted onto face (flap side). Our competitors do NOT offer this option.

* What's included in your Priority Xpress letter packages?

6”x 9” or 9" x 12" Full Color Envelope, Matching 8 1/2” x 14” form, Letter Set-Up (copy & graphics), Mailing List Conversion, Ink Jet Address Envelope or Laser Personalized Letter, Fold, Insert, Sort & Deliver to USPS.  Extra Charges NOT Included: Additional Inserts to Customize Your Promotion (i.e. Reply Envelope, Reply Card, Order Form, Lift Note, etc.), Postage, Mailing List

* Does Xpress Letter Service mailings qualify for automated barcode rates?

Absolutely! Envelopes are manufactured with clear zones for USPS barcode readers. When we control production, we will ensure the placement of IMB as new USPS requirements dictate.

* Can I place my Production order over the phone? How can I place a Production order? 

To implement and coordinate a direct mail project using Xpress Envelopes, please contact us 8:30 - 5:00 M - F at our Toll Free number.  1 (800) 385 1681. 

Do you charge for proofs? Can I see a letter proof before I place my order?  

We don’t charge for typesetting or setting up a laser letter for personalization using your provided copy.  However, we need a deposit or the full production amount before we start.  Normally, we don't provide proofs before an order is placed.  

*  Can I customize the wording on the letterhead?  

Yes, you can customize the letter copy (or additional inserts) any way you’d like.  NO charge for letter setup and typesetting.  

* Can we change the artwork?

The Priority Envelopes displayed on-line are pre-printed, in-stock items. Those designs can not be changed.  The artwork and sizes meet USPS requirements.  We CAN print Custom Envelopes in quantities of 25,000+.  If your Express Envelope quantity is greater than 25,000, please call to discuss how Custom Envelopes can be provided for your next direct mail campaign.

*  Do you provide mailing lists?

We can provide mailing lists or provide consulting services on how best to reach your target market.  Call Scott for more information.  Conservatively, he's done over 10,000 mailings involving list procurement and database manipulation.  

* What is the turnaround time for an Xpress Letter Service direct mail job?

5 - 7 business days from your approval signoff and payment in full for production and postage. It will also depend on the number of inserts involved in the mail package. Insert printing (other than stock forms) may take longer.

* How do I send my mailing list?

Please see How to Upload List under Resources. All mailing lists are CASS certified, de-duped and bar coded to insure maximum deliverability.  We de-dupe based on a match of first name, last name and address unless otherwise requested. 

* Can I provide additional inserts?

Yes.  Please send a sample to ensure that it will machine insert correctly.  There are paper and size considerations.  

*  Can you send me samples?  Can you send me an information kit?  

Absolutely! Call today or go online to request FREE 6 x 9 and 9 x 12 Xpress Letter Service samples. We’ll include pricing, order forms and a valuable “Dollar Off” your first order coupon.

* Do you have discounts for resellers? 

Yes. Go online at and click the Wholesale button.  Or, call us and we’ll fax or email a trade application immediately.  This is for Printing, Mailing & Design Firms, Marketing / Advertising Agencies, Print & Forms Brokers and MASA & DMA Members (or other designated trade associations). 

* I'm a reseller. Do I need to pay Sales Tax?

If you are a reseller in the State of Florida you will need to provide us with a Florida Certificate of Resale. You can fax this form to us before you place your order and we can setup your account as Tax Exempt before you place your first order. Our fax number is listed in the Contact Us page of our website.

* How do I order a quantity not on the website?

Call 1 (800) 385 1681 for volume pricing.

* What will be the cost of postage?

Xpress Envelopes can be mailed at first class, standard or flat rates.  Postage costs are dependent on size, weight, thickness of your mail package, quantity mailed, geography and class of mail.  6 x 9 envelopes under 1 oz mail at .46. each when going First Class. The average price for larger, bulk mailings when using a 6 x 9 Window or Regular envelope is .38 cents for pre-sorted first class (under 1 oz) and the average for standard is 26 cents - both dependent on how the mailing list is sorted.  You CAN mail 9 x 12 Xpress Envelopes first class.  9 x 12 Xpress Envelopes used in larger, bulk mailings are calculated at flat rate.

All postage rates are determined by The United States Postal Service. Standard Class is delivered in 5 to 10 business days and could take even longer.  USPS does NOT guarantee a delivery time for Standard Class mail.  First Class typically delivered in 2 - 3 business days.  Do NOT mail Time Sensitive promotions Standard - unless you plan your mail date and production schedule well in advance. Call 1 800 385 1681 and we'll provide additional postage options.  

* How do I send my artwork?

Please see How to Upload Art under Resources. Or, call and we'd be delighted to assist you. 

* Can you put a live stamp on the envelope?

Yes.  NO extra charge.   

* Do you provide duplex lasering?

Yes.  A slight upcharge will be required from published pricing.  Call for an estimate. 

* Can I get a postal receipt? 

Yes. You can request this and it will be faxed to you within 48 hours from delivery to the USPS Bulk Mail Entry Unit.