Xpress Envelope FAQ

Urgent Letter Envelope Frequently Asked Questions

* Why “Urgent Letter” Xpress Envelopes?  

These eye popping 4 color envelopes will grab and hold your prospects attention.  The objective is to get your direct mail opened!  We’re confident that our designs will outperform your current control.  Do a test mailing and find out yourself.

* What actual sizes do Xpress Envelopes come in?

6” x 9” & 9” x 12”.  The 6 x 9 and 9 x 12 dimensions are the outer dimensions of the envelope.  The sizes we list conform to envelope industry standards.  The inside dimensions of the envelope will, of course, be smaller. Please note: The outside dimensions of an envelope can vary in size by 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch. This is normal and is part of the manufacturing process.

* How do I order a quantity not shown?  

Call 1 (800) 385 - 1681 for volume pricing.

* Can we change the artwork?

The Priority Envelopes displayed on-line are pre-printed, in-stock items. Those designs can not be changed.  The artwork and sizes meet USPS requirements.  We CAN print Custom Envelopes in quantities of 25,000+.  If your Xpress Envelope quantity is greater than 25,000, please call to discuss how Custom Envelopes can be provided for your next direct mail campaign. See the Custom Envelope FAQ for details.  

How is postage affixed?  

For small quantities, use meter strips, stamps or you can print a mailing label with an indicia.  For large quantities (and to receive lower postage rates), use a 6 x 9 window envelope with the address and indicia showing thru OR inkjet the address and indicia on an 6 x 9 or 9 x 12 Regular envelope with no window.  Our competitors do NOT offer this option. 

* What will be the cost of postage?

Xpress Envelopes can be mailed at first class, standard or flat rates.   Postage costs are dependent on size, weight, thickness of your mail package, quantity mailed, geography and class of mail.  6 x 9 envelopes under 1 oz mail at .46. each when going First Class.   The average price for larger, bulk mailings when using a 6 x 9 Window or Regular envelope is .38 cents for pre-sorted first class (under 1 oz) and the average for standard is .26 cents - both dependent on how the mailing list is sorted.  You CAN mail 9 x 12 Xpress Envelopes first class.  9 x 12 Xpress Envelopes used in larger, bulk mailings are calculated at flat rate.

All postage rates are determined by The United States Postal Service. Standard Class is delivered in 5 to 10 business days and could take even longer.  USPS does NOT guarantee a delivery time for Standard Class mail.  First Class typically delivered in 2 - 3 business days.  Do NOT mail Time Sensitive promotions Standard - unless you plan your mail date and production schedule well in advance. Call 1 (800) 385 1681 and we'll provide additional postage options.  

* How are these envelopes addressed?

See information above.  For non-window (Regular) four color envelopes, you can write directly on them, affix a mailing label or have your lettershop (or us) inkjet the address and indicia onto the envelope.  When using window envelopes, the personalized letterhead will show thru the window along with the From & To addresses.   

* What (if any) inserting or lettershop restrictions may occur?

They MAY not run on all Pitney Bowes inserters – depending on model and age.  Bell & Howell and/or Phillipsberg inserters are the appropriate equipment that can run these envelopes with no problem.  We recommend taking a sample to your lettershop before placing a large order. 

Do Xpress Envelopes qualify for automated barcode rates?

Absolutely! Designs are manufactured with clear zones for USPS barcode readers.  When we control production, we will ensure the placement of IMB as new USPS requirements dictate.

Where can I view pricing?

Pricing for Xpress Envelopes differ based on size, type and quantity.  Click on the 6 x 9 or 9 x 12 envelope you are interested in and review product details and descriptions. Examine our easy-to-use ordering system.  Simply use the drop-down menus to select which envelopes and quantities you need and click "calculate price."  It's as easy as that!  Production and forms pricing reside on those respective pages on our website.  You can ALWAYS call 1 (800) 385 - 1681 and we can email, fax or mail pricing. 

* Do you print custom Xpress Envelope designs for companies?

We CAN print Custom 6 x 9 or 9 x 12 Envelopes in quantities of 25,000+.  You can add a logo, return address, change the teaser copy and add your indicia.  Normally shipped within 30 days.  Call for details or visit Custom Envelopes FAQ on XpressEnvelopes.com.  

* Who else sells these envelopes? 

Don’t be fooled or misled by our competition.  There ARE other companies that sell or broker overnight delivery "look and feel" envelopes.  However, nobody has as many NEW and unique designs as XpressEnvelopes.com!  Only our envelopes can be addressed by ink jet equipment. 

* Will your envelopes go through my OFFICE laser or ink jet printer?

Our Regular (no window) envelopes are laser and ink jet compatible.  We suggest ordering 100 envelopes to make sure before placing a large office use order.  The envelopes are definitely ink jet compatible when addressed by a professional direct mail lettershop.  We can produce your project or ship envelopes directly to your preferred vendor.  Give us a call to discuss your envelope project.

* How can I place an order? Can I place an order on the phone?

You can always place your order by phone. Contact us at our Toll Free number: 1 (800) 385 - 1681 or, our local number: 1 (813) 321 - 5060. You can fax order forms to (813) 321 - 5070.  Or, go online 24/7 to XpressEnvelopes.com. 

Do you have samples? Can you send me an information kit?

Absolutely!  Call today or go online to request FREE 6 x 9 and 9 x 12 samples.  We’ll include pricing, order forms and a valuable “Dollar Off” certificate on your first order. 

* I'm a ReSeller. Do I need to pay Sales Tax?

If you are a reseller in the State of Florida you will need to provide us with a Florida Certificate of Resale. You can fax this form to us before you place your order and we can setup your account as Tax Exempt before you place your first order. Our fax number is listed in the Contact Us page of our website.

* What are your payment terms?  

XpressEnvelopes.com accepts American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and certified checks. No orders are shipped until checks clear. Please allow 5 business days for out of state checks, 3 business days for local checks. Note, there is a $20.00 charge per returned check.  

* Do you have discounts for Resellers? 

Yes. Go online at XpressEnvelopes.com and click the Wholesale button.  Or, call us and we'll fax or email a trade application immediately.  This is for Printing, Mailing & Design firms, Marketing / Advertising / Agencies, Print & Forms brokers and MASA & DMA members (or other designated trade associations).  

* What size envelope do I need to fit my card or insert?

Generally, you should select an envelope that is a little larger than your card or insert. 

* When will I get my order & how much is shipping? 

Shipping costs are based on three variables:

· your shipping address

· combined weight of the products

· speed of delivery

Once you provide a shipping address, you will be able to select how fast you would like the products to ship. The website then communicates with Federal Express or a Motor Freight Carrier which provides you with a shipping price. GROUND is typically the least expensive option.

IMPORTANT: If the weight is OVER 150 lbs., please call for a shipping estimate (or the website will provide). It will be less expensive to ship using a Motor Freight Carrier. Our shipping prices are set by the carrier delivering your product.  If you have a FedEx or preferred Motor Freight Carrier account, feel free to use that with no additional costs. 

Federal Express picks up daily, Monday through Friday. FedEx options include: Ground, 3 Day, 2 Day, & Next Day Air. Customers may call to request additional options.  If you need your envelope order by a specific date then please consider upgrading your shipping to one of the FedEx expedited shipping options.   

Motor Freight Carrier options include a variety of ground, air and expedited shipping plans. 

To ensure prompt shipment of your order, please place your orders no later than 4 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).  Most orders ship the NEXT day after they are placed. If, for some reason, we don't have the envelope in stock or have some other problem with your order we will send you an email or phone you letting you know when the envelopes will ship.   

XpressEnvelopes.com orders ship from our warehouse in Tampa, Florida.  

Transit times are in “business days” ie: Monday through Friday. Saturday deliveries, if necessary, are subject to additional charges by the carrier.

We will ship “blind” (no packing list / invoice in package / no XpressEnvelopes.com markings on the carton) orders for you upon request and free of charge.

Charges for delivery/shipping of envelopes, printing and direct mail from XpressEnvelopes.com are not included in quotations unless specified.