Side seam Express Envelopes open on the long dimension. These are ideal for promotional efforts when maximum advertising space is desired. Our 6 x 9 envelopes are produced with windows and without.  Our 9 x 12 envelopes come in non-window formats.  For larger runs of 50,000 +, we'd be delighted to produce a customized 6 x  9 or 9 x 12 Rush Express Envelope.  Call for an estimate.   



ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Open side envelopes have the opening and seal flap on the long dimension and are ideal for automatic insertion applications. recommends contacting your mail house prior to ordering envelopes to determine whether the contents of your envelope are compatible with their inserting machinery.Envelopes are measured with the flap side up. The size is stated in inches with the shortest dimension first. Seal gum is measured from the top of the seal flap to where the gum line stops. Throat depth is measured from the top fold score line to the lowest point on the bottom flap. Side flap is measured from the side fold to its farthest point at the envelope center. Window dimensions are stated with the height first, then the length. The window is horizontal to the flap unless specified otherwise. When ordering window envelopes be sure to specify size, position, patch material, and window shape.