XpressEnvelopes.com introduces two (2) NEW 9 x 12 envelopes.  These powerful and unique envelopes will ensure your next direct mail promotion gets noticed, opened and responded to!  Printed on heavy card stock using bold colors and exciting graphics, Xpress Envelopes allow marketers to create Priority Mail.  But there is one major difference.  They mail at standard or first class postage rates.  These distinct 9 x 12 envelopes get overnight attention - without the overnight price.  

Scott Palmer, President of XpressEnvelopes.com comments: “With consumers continually being bombarded with advertising messages, those who are aggressive with their mail piece design will dominate the mailbox. One of the most important elements of a direct mail campaign is the outer envelope and the impression you make.  An envelope is NOT just an envelope.  This is the first impression to your prospect. Your direct mail package needs to be dramatically different to cut thru the clutter.  You should test an Xpress Envelope to lift your response rates.” 

Marketing, advertising and direct mail professionals can purchase Xpress Envelopes direct OR have them shipped to a direct mail production facility.  When your next direct mail promotion absolutely, positively has to get opened, these extraordinary 9 x 12 envelopes work every time!  They’re pre-designed, pre-printed, in-stock and ready to ship.  In addition, they will take 10% off your first order of their NEW 9 x 12 designs.  For envelope photos, additional samples, FAQ’s, pricing and detailed product information, call 800 385 1681.