Is direct mail still effective in the Digital Age?  ABSOLUTELY. is now offering a valuable White Paper titled The Envelope Resource Guide for Successful Direct Mail that provides an answer.  This comprehensive manual is filled with interesting facts, practical advice and informative articles.  You’ll discover and learn PROVEN direct mail methods to increase response rates and improve your ROI.  Although regarded as “old school” by many, direct mail is not dead.  It is still a powerful way to find new clients.  

Our FREE workbook will educate you on how to make your direct marketing campaigns more effective and, in return, increase your bottom line.  It contains many valuable guidelines, helpful do’s & don’ts and practical solutions to everyday direct mail envelope opportunities.  We have two different versions available.  One, a 50 page detailed copy that can be snail mailed or a condensed version, 30 pages long, available online immediately: REPLACE

The Envelope Resource Guide for Successful Direct Mail includes what experts are currently thinking about the use of envelopes in direct mail.  It will educate you on the different types of envelopes available and what is the best for your business or campaign.  We have also included a practical glossary of envelope terms to help you distinguish between the different type of envelopes, as well as more in-depth explanations of different envelopes and how to make them most effective for your marketing campaign.  In addition, there are innovative money saving ideas to help you choose the right envelope at the most cost effective price.   

Why spend money that you don’t have to?  The comprehensive manual contains important rules to remember when doing direct mail and popular envelope gimmicks that will juice up the impact of your direct mail.  Scott Palmer, President of has this to say about why The Envelope Resource Guide for Successful Direct Mail will help you increase response rates.  “Our clients kept asking about trends in envelope design, copywriting, printing and converting.  We wanted to provide a simple guide that explains why the envelope matters, how to select envelopes that will improve your next campaign, which envelope techniques work the best and how good envelope design & copy helps increase response rates.  It’s absolutely FREE to receive with NO obligation.  I urge direct mail users, printers, resellers and direct marketers to request a copy today”.   

Remember, The Envelope Resource Guide for Direct Mail can be found at: REPLACE.  Fill out the simple online request form and the workbook will be delivered directly to your email. Alternatively, call 800 385 1681 to receive via USPS.  Please contact me for any questions, Resource Guide cover photos or product samples.  I’d be delighted to discuss how our booklet will help advertisers improve their direct mail marketing campaigns.   Scott Palmer